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Your child’s mind is like a prism of inquisitiveness that absorbs the light of knowledge toreflect a spectrum of fascinating ideas.

We at Swarnajyothicherish these curious little minds and believe in lighting up the flames of all round learning.Our indoor and outdoor child centric environment and activities are designed to aid them with rich learning and fun filled experiences. Our teachers are the guiding forces who impart the disciplines and values of life with compassion and personal care.

While we enable the child to learn languages and acquaint them with basic Arts, General Knowledge, Math, Yoga and Science concepts we also focus on everyday life skills, culture and healthy practices with our carefully crafted concept based events and activities. We employ teaching methodologies using Grolier Tools along with our customized course curriculum for an overall development of the child and to ensure a smooth transition from nursery to primary school.

Our Moto is to create a unique learning space with passionate participation of the child, teacher and the parent for a better and beautiful tomorrow with loving memories to look back.

Teaching Methodologies

Children are quick learners and they grasp things faster with visual and auditory information, demonstrations, toys and tools. We at Swarna Jyothi have integrated the Grolier Tool concepts in our curriculum to enhance their observation, concentration and memory powers. Learning with Grolier Tools aids in activation of the brain on both sides. Our teaching methodologies are based on play way concepts where they think, learn and explore in our child friendly campus.

We have a team of trained teachers who are dedicated and passionate about teaching and nurturing young inquisitive minds.

Our course curriculum is designed for quick and better learning of shapes,colors, numbers, letters, phonics, objects, people and a whole lot of generic educative information. We encourage our children to appreciate stories and cultivate the habit of reading. We also acquaint them with Kannada and Hindi languages.

At Swarna Jyothi, our endeavor is to make reading, writing and overall learning a pleasant and fun filled experience for the child.


Teachers are sculptors of the society and play an important role in laying the foundation for a better world. We at Swarna Jyothi have trained and dedicated teachers who are passionate about teaching young minds. If you are the first teacher to your child we are your child’s second home!

We have courteous non-teaching staff who help the children in adapting healthy practices like washing their hands, eating independently, adhering and understanding of generic guidelines of school environment with ample freedom to play and learn. Children’s safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance to us.

Your child’s mind is like a prism of inquisitiveness that absorbs the light of knowledge toreflect a spectrum of fascinating ideas.

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