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Your child’s mind is like a prism of inquisitiveness that absorbs the light of knowledge to reflect a spectrum of fascinating ideas.

We at Swarna Jyothi cherish these curious little minds and believe in lighting up the flames of all round learning. Our indoor and outdoor child centric environment and activities are designed to aid them with rich learning and fun filled experiences. Our teachers are the guiding forces who impart the disciplines and values of life with compassion and personal care.

  • Unique Teaching Methodologies
  • Experienced Teaching Staff
  • Good Amenities
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Activity Room

School activities can improve listening and communication skills as well as semantic knowledge and visual memory.

Toys Room

Toy room with innumerable educational and recreational toys to help the children relax as well as learn while they play.

Phonic Teaching Tool Kit

Learning Phonics helps children to decode leeters into their respective sounds.

Mini Library

Just the presence of books around your children gives them the opportunity to explore, discover, and find refuge.

Mini Theatre room

Theatre in education is one of the innovative methodologies used to encourage effective learning in children.

CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are allowed to be set up in and around the school site to ensure the safety of the students and staff

Sand Park

Creating an environment where kids can play, create, relax, and have fun outside the classroom.

Water pool play area

Water play is an essential part of School curriculum as it helps in gross motor development and eye hand co-ordination.

Play Ground

School playground memories beyond books. Playing at school will improve a child's coordination among so many things in life.

Van Services

The children are picked up and dropped without having to undergo any risks and stress during their transportation between the school and their nearest designated points.


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Your child’s mind is like a prism of inquisitiveness that absorbs the light of knowledge toreflect a spectrum of fascinating ideas.

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